Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hiyer Pudsey

24inches is a pretty big for a bear.....not just any bear though. This is a 24 inch House of Holland Pudsey!! A super ted.

This particular Pudsey (and various other designer Pudsey's) are being auctioned by the famous Christie's, on the 15th November. It's for an amazing cause, Children in Need. So dig deep and donate!! Click HERE to see all the other Pudseys up for auction.


One of our favorite topics at House of Holland HQ. Nails!!
Sophy Robson (our nail lady) popped into the studio to give a tutorial on House of Holland show nails, the SS12 ombre leopard print and the newest, BUZZ KILL tie dye!! So here you have it. House of Holland How To:

Send any sucsessful nail painting pictures to: 
HoH x

Monday, 22 October 2012

Our Kel in HoH

Kelly Osbourne was in this Sundays Fabulous Mag wearing our Houndstooth Dress!!

Looking perfect in her pink and purple ensemble.
We love!!
HoH x

Spooky Season

It's soon to be Halloween. And you know what that means don't you.....
'Scary costumes', eating sweets that contain FAR too many e-numbers and watching violent films!!

We thought we'd get in on the act and add a glow in the dark t-shirt to our website especially for Halloween!! Yes, it really glows in the dark!!


In addition to the t-shirt we've got our multi-coloured bone tights.....

maker gif

A right old spooky pairing. Fool proof Halloween dressing up by HoH!!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Henry Holland We Need YOU!!

So this is pretty amazing. Meet Henry Holland the ginger cat:
All we know is that he has a thing for squirrels. 
If anyone knows him (the cat) please contact: 
HoH x


For those Brits who are dreaming/going to warmer sunnier climates, this ones for you.
Our new sunglasses are officially out so here's a round-up off all our eyewear goodness!!

resize gif

Click to shop our eyewear, you lucky holiday goers. 
For the rest of us. Sunnies, warm coat and a scarf. 
HoH x

HoH Thursdays

It's the last few days before our SS13 collection leaves the studio and toodles off to press.....So today we've playing dress up (sorry boss)
Here's what we're wearing. 

Lily in a Buzz Kill Beanie paired with PomPom pre-collection dress.

and Jessica is wearing her pre-collection shirt from last season. (and Katie Hillier ring, it's hiding under Cocos belly)

Hannah's with one of our Buzz Kill floral t-shirt dresses.

HoH not only being worn in the office, in a far away land, Pixie is wearing our Boobie Dress from AW13 Ride It for Vogues: Today I'm Wearing.

More HoHThursdays next......Thursday!! 
HoH x

Monday, 15 October 2012

Who's got the X?

XFactor is finally warming up and the live performances are in FULL swing.
Here at House of Holland HQ, it's fair to say, we're fans of the show and we all have our faves.

Was such a lovely surprise to see Jade (easily in our top 3) wearing one of our Houndstooth dresses for the Sunday night results!!

We all thought she looked bloomin lovely!!
 But we can't talk about her outfit and leave out Jades amazing Saturday night performance.......
Looking forward to next week already!!

Friday, 12 October 2012

New Sunglasses Have ARRIVED!!

On this cold crisp Friday, there is only ONE thing us Londoners want to be doing and that's walking around with a coffee, wearing sunglasses feeling really smug because we're not working and it's not raining. Bliss. 
So what better timing. Our brand new sunglasses have just come into stock and they're on sale on our website!! FINALLY!! If you haven't seen them already (Miss Iggy Azalea, model and rapper could resist sneaking some pictures out) here they are!! 

Click the images to shop

Shop our sunglasses HERE: clickclickclick
Weekend is looking cool and crisp. Bring on coffee and smugness!! 
HoH x

Thursday, 11 October 2012

An Evening with O.C and Chloeeeee

Our Henry was invited to join the interviewing panel here: 


Obviously wanting to get in on the action, so we tagged along as well. 
Here's Chloe (babe) and Humberto (nicest guy in the world) 

Susie Bubble was also interviewing, here she is holding the Opening Ceremony annual!!

Here they all are, mid interview. LOLing

Was so much fun!! Humberto and Carol told their start up story, this obviously included Chloe and her collection!!
Was so good hear all about the Opening Ceremony's ethos. How they started, their values and things for the future!!
 Thank you for inviting US. 
HoH xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

House of Holland is in Cahoots with Boots!

We don't half take care of you at House of Holland... we have always made sure you have the best dresses, the finest hosiery and second-to-none sunglasses and so we thought we better pamper you even more with a beauty collection to cater to your nails, locks and the skin you're in! We popped down to Boots and took some snaps of the beauty sets in all their glory...

You know we love nail art here at HoH (Check out our latest nail competition here!) So, it's only natural that we have created some super cute house shaped nail polishes!

What's in The Box I hear you cry? Well... there's a mini spritz and souffle set for your hair and a mini body wash and scrub with a lovely lilac loufer. Ohhh, we don't half spoil you!

Here's one of our personal favourites - The Hair Stare Kit!

This is a bloomin' brilliant bag in fact as inside you'll find full sized scrub, souffle, spritz and body wash all scented with melon, mandarin, grapefruit and jasmine! Delicious!

So there you have it! Everything you need to pamper yourself in true House of Holland style! And, the perfect Christmas present might we add.

Get scrubbin', spritzin', filin' and stylin'!

HoH x

Monday, 8 October 2012

Little Mix, Mix it UP!!

Little Mix spread their 'wings' last night at the BBC Radio1 Teen Awards 2012!!

Tulisa's 'little muffins' looked dead nice but our faves had to be Perrie and Jade, who both wore House of Holland dresses.


Jade wore a silk striped sleeved shirt dress and Perrie wore our longggg Dino Maxi

Well done ladies!!
HoH x

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thurs-days At HoH

So here we are again!! 
It's Thursday. Time to see what we're wearing around the office!! 

Lily was wearing her pinnie. Teamed it with a white shirt and white DMs. Casual.

Emily and Danielle were off to the Cosmo Awards so they were dressed a little posher than the rest of us!! Emily wearing her AW13 goat cuff coat and long sleeve blouse. Danielle was wearing a one of a kind House of Holland dress in SS09 fabric.

Swanning off early from work, the girls went off to the Awards.  
Danielle, with one of the Cosmo-Cocktails....

Emily, REALLY liking hers. *thumbs up*

There was even a fortune teller, no Mystic Meg crystal ball though (devo).  

Spotted a great dog bag.

Thanks you for having us Cosmo!! And well done to all the winners!! 

See you next week for some more of What We're Wearing!! 
HoH x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Poppy Delevingne talks to House of Holland TV about what she loves most about House of Holland.
We agree with EVERY-THING she says. (totally unscripted)
Thanks Pops.

HoH (TV) 

Monday, 1 October 2012


I am WELL aware that it's raining today (in London) but let's take some time to appreciate that it's not raining everywhere......
Check out these House of Holland sunglass-wearing-babes!!
picasion.com gif animator
 All our NEW sunglasses will be out VERY VERY soon!! 
Cross my heart and hope to die!! 
HoH x

Go Gwendoline!!

Another cracker.
House of Holland TV talk to the one and only Gwendoline Christie. She tells us about her "Very Internse Exsperience', has THEE best fashion week top tip and admits to wearing Henry's shoes. You go GURL.

HoH (TV)