Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cher for Grazia in HOH

As most people will know, us House of Holland'ers are big fans of Cher so you can imagine our excitement when Grazia shot her wearing pieces from AW 10.


Jade Parfitt

The lovely Jade Parfitt wearing House of Holland Eiffel Tower City Tights last night.

I think you'll agree, she's still got it........

Monday, 1 November 2010

We'd stay with you Cher!

So...lucky Henners got to go to the Xfactor on Sunday and look what happened!

As you can imagine he was reasonably happy at this meeting. (and when we say 'reasonably' we mean fits on the fall escstatic)

For the rest of us mere mortals who watched it at home we've got to say that we are still recovering from Cher's EPIC performance.

GO CHER!!!!!

Selfridges International

Paris, London, New York and Hollywood.

No it's not just a list of where Mr Holland has been this week - it's the cities depicted on this great new House of Holland capsule collection. Consisting of fab knitwear and hosiery with the place's best loved landmarks emblazoned on them, the collection really shows off Henry and House of Holland's international stand-point!

Here is a link to the lovely Selfridges website where you can buy these bad boys!


and you can also snap up the tights on the House of Holland website:


And here are images of all the pieces!

(Photography by Willem Jaspert, Styling by Sam Ranger, Hair - Adam Reed, ake-up by Kate Lindsay, Model - Kelli Lumi)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Check out Pixles, Nicola and Aggy all rocking there HoH wool jersey print dresses.

How did Pix get hold of BOTH colours?
Why are Henners and Aggy posing in a Toy Box?
And hoe do we get Nicola’s hair?!

Even if we never get to answer these three questions – we think they all look bleedin gorgeous!

Go and grab a dress from Selfridges Manchester or London and you too could look bleedin Gorgeous!


We like this image from the show.....

That is all.


So we dressed a cucumber in HoH AW 11 for Rubbish mag and here it is.

Don’t you think she looks like a total STUNNER?!!!

Cucumber pride!


Thanks Drapers for your kind words!!


One of our biggest crushes Beth Ditto interviewed our very own Henners for a feature in Clash magazine.

Here’s beth in her custom HoH jumpsuit which appar
ently now has holes in the knee!!

And here’s the fab special Beth Tee we designed fo
r LOVE magazine and Dover Street market.

Beth we love you


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Music to our ears

So every season we here at HOH are lucky enough to get the amazing Mishapes doing our show music. Here are some of the song highlights from this season's show!

More backstage!

Backstage Madness!

Here are some of the great backstage piccies of the show! Enjoy the glorious madness!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010