Friday, 23 July 2010

Nailed it.

We here at HOH are lucky enough to work with the very talented, the nail queen herself - Sophy Robson. She gave us tartan nails, she gave us lace nails and last season we had acronym talons so long and hot any ghetto girl would love to have them!

so we were super excited to see her new work for Elle:
Look - she included HOH!!!!

If you want to know more about sophy we advise that you follow her on twitter and find out all her exciting news!

We will be plotting our next nail colour and dancing along to this:

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lilo in Jailo

So today Lindsay Lohan goes to jail. (sad face). whilst we're sure she "may or may not" have committed actual crimes, fashion crime wise she has never strayed when in HOH. So as standing in her defence, We the members of the HOH would like to put forward 2 pieces of evidence to the jury.

Case for the jury #1: Lindsay Lohan at the VMAs in 2008 wearing HOH SS09

Case for the jury #2: wearing HOH for Pretty Polly tights


Ok ok - whilst we're not sure our evidence will help Lilo out at the moment - dare we suggest to darling Lilo herself that if she was to wear the following from the HOH AW10 collection she might get out on good (sartorial) behaviour?

Ps if anyone from the The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is reading this - might we suggest it as a very chic alternative to the orange?


So unless you've been hiding under a rock you should know about the phenomenon that is Snooki from Jersey Shore. Basically we LOVE her. She's by far our favourite Guidette (maybe even person). So can you imagine how exciting it was for Henry to receive this:


Well seeing as the rest of us at HOH towers weren't lucky enought to get our own Snooki message we have decided to give each other 'the pouf' using this editorial. We suggest you do the same.

Acne and Mace

So it's been a fab summer so far for everyone here at HOH towers. Glasto, Lovebox, a couple of trips to random factories. I mean we couldn't ask for anymore...well Henry can and he got to go to the uber cool, super celebrity, sparkly Acne store opening last week in London. The guest list was amazing - Henry got to meet Daphne Guiness (!!!!!!! she was resplendent in spike Gareth - obvs) - the drink flowed and apart from also dying of heat inside it was a very jolly evening indeed. However one of the most exciting products of this evening was the creation of our new favourite word.

Now forget the shoot (shoe/boot), the jegging (jean/legging) and we think the megging (male legging) was pure evil to start with......WE WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE YOU TO MACE.

Man + Lace = MACE

I mean,can you think of anything better? Here is Henry (withone of our girl crushes Jamie Winstone) in House of Holland SS10 MACE.

Jess looking HOT-A

So here at HOH towers one of the (many) exciting times of the season is when the collection finally begins coming back from Production. And in a slightly selfish way what's even more exciting is when our personal orders come in! Here is Jess modelling her very own silk bandana tee dress. Doesn't she look well fit!

Monday, 12 July 2010


We've just received the packaging for the Pretty Polly AW10 Tights....

We can't wait for them to hit the stores in September and we think you'll agree they look HOT!!

Tights Tights Tights.....

Here's what we did to ours. Who doesn't like a bejeweled knee cap?? We certainly do......

Buy them here

Henry Has a New Blackberry Cover

Tres Chic......

Production is on it's way!

Here at House of Holland HQ production is WELL underway.
Expect to see it in stores soon, EXCITING, no??!!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Happy Birthday Mama Holland!

Today is Henry's Mum's birthday so we thought we'd get you into a chorus of Happy Birthday (Stevie version obvs) and suggest that you follow her on twitter. Many say that she's an even better tweeter than Henry!! (we wouldn't dare agree or not but we would and she is)

Never vague, always Vogue

Henry's update his vogue blog - expect his mum's bday, toy story 3 and burgers. Sounds exciting right?
check it out!

Image courtesy of Henry's blog!

One from the Archive

Just thought you'd like this little treat - Henry and Katie (Hillier) sporting the SS10 earrings.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Blogs I wish I had seen

Whilst we're in such a generous spirit we thought we'd also like to inform of you of a blog that you seriously CAN NOT live without. Whilst we are under strict instructions to not tell you who this the mystery blogger is we can tell you that she is 1) Amazing 2) Hot and 3) hilarious.

check this blog out STAT.

You'd never have to nag us to check out NAAG

SO whilst we adore a bit of self promotion - we here at HOH towers couldn't help but give out the love a little to two of our favourite ladies. So here is the link to Ms Fiona Byrne and Ms. Agyness Deyn's fabulous new online magazine - NAAG.

If you want to check out all that is gorgeous, glossy and generally great - go straight to the site:

also we higly recommend following them on twitter -

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Killer Kel

She rocked the lace and denim SS10 dress and now Kelis has cemented herself as one of our fave HOH girls by strutting her stuff in this AW10 leather dress. Here she is performing at the Perez Hilton party! HOH 4 KELIS 4EVA!

Sunglass Hot

Great blog post on the House of Holland with Linda Farrow sunglasses!