Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lilo in Jailo

So today Lindsay Lohan goes to jail. (sad face). whilst we're sure she "may or may not" have committed actual crimes, fashion crime wise she has never strayed when in HOH. So as standing in her defence, We the members of the HOH would like to put forward 2 pieces of evidence to the jury.

Case for the jury #1: Lindsay Lohan at the VMAs in 2008 wearing HOH SS09

Case for the jury #2: wearing HOH for Pretty Polly tights


Ok ok - whilst we're not sure our evidence will help Lilo out at the moment - dare we suggest to darling Lilo herself that if she was to wear the following from the HOH AW10 collection she might get out on good (sartorial) behaviour?

Ps if anyone from the The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is reading this - might we suggest it as a very chic alternative to the orange?


fickle red riding hood said...

I would pay good money to see her in that striped jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

When she gets out i'm sure she will do some sort of Jail Photoshoot...Get this on the racks. Prison Chic

Kate said...

classic! this is very funny!



Motor Mouth UK said...

Does anyone know the best way to value my car?