Friday, 25 February 2011

Jessie J....W-HEY!!


Dear Jessie J,
Thanks for wearing all of our tights. We salute you (like a brother or a dude).
Lots of Love

Monday, 21 February 2011

Backstage Goodness

Here are a few backstage shots courtesy of the Cobra Snake. For more from him check out his site:

and we'll update you soon too!

HoH xoxo

MAN ALIVE we made a Fashion Film!

So not only have we been busy putting together the collection for the show but we have also made a film and shot a lookbook. You'll have to wait for the latter but here you can watch the film!

Starring the amazing and beautiful Dree Hemingway and Pixie Geldof (as well as our own Henners) - it is HoH's interpretation of QVC. Hope you enjoy and please also check it out on testmag!


Dear HoHers,

We formally apologise for not blogging for a few days but you know we were kinda busy putting on a show! Here are the pics of it as way of explanation.

Hope you enjoy. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


HoH xoxo

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Story of the SS11 Jumpsuit.

Once upon a time, there was a jumpsuit.

This particular jumpsuit was so fabulous that it made its way all the way across the world and ended up on a elephant. A fabulous elephant.

Everyone wanted the jumpsuit.......not just elephants......Blythe Dolls too.

And they all lived happily ever after. The elephant too.

Monday, 7 February 2011


Ok the title is a little tenuous and yes we do have lots of work to do (erm hi the show is in less than 2 weeks) but we thought we'd share a little HoH game we like to play.

Thanks to the lovely, charming and beautiful guys over at Elle and Elle collections (yes they are our friends and yes we are biased) we get to play 'Spot the HOH' aka 'Where's HOHLDO?' aka 'Has anyone seen my glasses?'

It's not a complicated game - it's just spotting the HOH looks amongst their collections montage!

Have Fun!

p.s. there are 4 to spot!

Sssshhhhh we have a secret project...

All of us here at HoH have become incredibly mysterious and interesting. Oh and taken to wearing cloaks and masks and talking in hushed tones. Wanna know why? We have a secret. An exciting HoH secret project sort of secret, oh and it's happening this week.

So in order to celebrate our secret (we're a notoriously chatty bunch normally) we have included, for your listening pleasure, a little selection of secret songs. Hope you enjoy!

Just FYI We've decided to exclude the rude one about the secret smile and anything by Secret Garden. No need to thank us all at once.

Ear Ear

So we're super excited here at HoH towers - the SS11 MARABOU EARRINGS HAVE ARRIVED!

Here are some of our favourite wearers so far - but if you buy a pair please make sure you send us your picture so we can load them onto the blog too!!!

Available here -

The man himself - Henners

Amanda, Sharon and Imogen at the show!
HoH's very own Jessica Fletcher

Laura of GRAZIA magazine

Anders of LOVE magazine

UPDATE!!!! Yippeeee - the wonderful Melanie Rickey has posted about the POM POM earrings already! Check out her post here:

We're going to put ours on and enjoy our favourite ear based sport...