Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Highly illegal

"We did a shoot on a sofa on the pavement, which is highly illegal - I'm

oooohhhh who knew?

"Oh and look what I found in one of the Malls... Only bleedin H! Debenhams in
Kuala Lumpar - who knew?!"

Henry with Bryan Boy!

"In Kuala lumpur with Bryanboy for the opening of Musa a new store here that
is carrying HOH. We have been showing the locals how it's done."

Postcards from Henry

So as we've told you - Henry is off galavanting around the world. Well working really hard and putting on 2 trunk shows but you know what we mean! But to keep in touch (and to make us jealous no doubt) he is going to send us a set of picture postcards! And obviously we'll show them to you! Here's the first:

"It's so much fun here and it looks a bit like Gotham at night."

Fashion TV we heart thee

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Oh hella, it's Henry and Aggy at Coachella

(Image courtesy of fashionista.com - check it out for more coachella pics and just everything wonderful and fashiony!)

Monday, 19 April 2010

So So Scandalous...

So - you have already gained by now that:
a) we love celebs
b) we couldn't think of a better H! accessory than the Bagazine from Henry's H! line at Debenhams
c) we love a good party

So can you can imagine how excited we all were to discover a) Alesha Dixon WITH b) the bagazine AT c) the Levis party recently held in London.

Obvs we couldn't help but get photographic evidence - and here it is!

STFU WTF OMG It's Alesha Dixon with a bagazine!

Party in the USA

So whilst the rest of HOH towers struggles along in the miserable London weather (it's actually been glorious but that's not the point) - Henry is enjoying his self titled "Air Miles April". Lucky him. So currently he's at Coachella and we're all kinda wondering if he is in some way recreating the following video?! We think YES


(sorry couldn't embed - won't let us!!)

Strike a Pose...Vogue

Henry's updated his Vogue blog. Check it out here:


it really is rather good.


Here is the trailer for Henry and Alexa's new series of Frock Me. Literally we are SO excited we just can't stop watching it.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Sorry we didn't wish you happy easter at the time - we were too busy hopping around. but thought we'd catch up and say hope you all had a great easter and also to remind you all of this HOH egg that Henry oh so cleverly put together in 2008! Oh and on the easter theme here is a picture of a Katie Hillier bunny necklace. HOP HOP HOP.

Simply Sublime Self Service

We've loved the magazine for ages so imagine how happy we were to see two HOH SS10 pieces in the new issue of fashion bible Self Service. And on the gorgeous Jacquelyn Jablonski and Hannah Holman. Oh and make-up crush Lucia Pica (she does our show make-up don't you know) did the gorgeous make-up for this shoot!

Dazed and Confused Japan + Hot Boys + HOH SS10 = WE LIKEY A LOT.

Vroom Vroom Roaaarrrr

Here's the gorgeous Harley Viera Newton in the House of Holland for Pretty Polly Alphabetights!