Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Music to our ears

So every season we here at HOH are lucky enough to get the amazing Mishapes doing our show music. Here are some of the song highlights from this season's show!

More backstage!

Backstage Madness!

Here are some of the great backstage piccies of the show! Enjoy the glorious madness!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


to all the people who made the show possible.

Katie Hillier and studio for the joyiest of accessories, Charlotte Olympia for the trottiest of shoes, the Lucia Pica for the glowiest of make-up, Shay Dempsey for the bounciest of hair, Sophy Robson for the sparkliest of nails and all the models for all the modeliest of walks!!!!



Video star

And here is the video of the show so you can feel like you were there too!

Something with a fringe on top...

So....we've been a little busy (putting on a show and all) so we haven't had time to blog recently. here are the labours of our hard work though - HOH SS11!!! Enjoy....

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Henners and Pix

Just because we love them both and they both look gorge - here are some lovely pictures of Henners and Pix together! Enjoy...


If any of you lovely HOH blog readers are lucky enough to be living in Manchester - trot yourself to Selfridges tonight for Fashion's Night Out to see Henry!!!

And maybe you can sing some Oasis just for extra Mancunian fun?

Monday, 6 September 2010



oooohhhhh....LOVE to LOVE you Aggy.

We implore you all to rush out and purchase the new issue of LOVE. Not only is it one of the best mags EVER but it has HOH's BFF and muse - the delightful Miss Agyness Deyn on the cover. Here it is!!

Also as we are twitter and blog obsessed we thought we should also encourage you to start following them on twitter and check out their amazing blog. You won't be sorry!

Cher - You turn our swag on!

Ok - we will freely admit we are prone to addictions. Our love of Nicky Minaj. The number of coffees we drink to keep us going through LFW. Henry's well known shoe addiction. So now we have a new ommission.

Hi My name is HOH and I am a Cher-aholic.

OMFG - did you see her on Saturday's X-Factor? Basically we love her. And yes Cheryl she is right up our street too!

Just in case you missed it here she is again. In all her one gloved, ripped jean, swagger glory.

Fashion's Big Night Out

So you know we love a party. and we love to shop. we love asos. and we love teen vogue. So you can imagine how happy we were when Henry was asked to join forces with Teen Vogue and ASOS to design a little something in celebration of Fashion's Big Night out. here are his efforts. We'll be celebrating the amazing night here in London and hope NYC have fun too. Although we're massively jealous we don't have our hands on this tee or vest dress yet!

UPDATE! If you are lucky enough to live in Manchester - Henry will be there on Wednesday and you can see him at Selfridges in celebration of Fashion's Big Night Out. Woop!

Ps Sorry we couldn't help but add NYC and London homage tunes...


Sorry to get all mushy on you HOH blog readers but we here at HOH are feeling all soppy. This weekend Henry's lovely sister fleur got married. BIG CONGRATS FROM HOH! Here is a pic of the special day - plus a link to Henry's vogue blog where he can tell you more!

Plus well - we're romantics at heart - here is Joe Cocker - You are So Beautiful because Fleur really does look gorgeous!!!

Our Favourite Bag Lady

In case you missed it in this week's Sunday Times Style magazine (shame on you) here is a blackberry picture of the interview with accessories queen and HOH BFF Katie Hillier. Enjoy!

and why not - a song with handbag in the title. Love you Rod.