Monday, 6 September 2010

Cher - You turn our swag on!

Ok - we will freely admit we are prone to addictions. Our love of Nicky Minaj. The number of coffees we drink to keep us going through LFW. Henry's well known shoe addiction. So now we have a new ommission.

Hi My name is HOH and I am a Cher-aholic.

OMFG - did you see her on Saturday's X-Factor? Basically we love her. And yes Cheryl she is right up our street too!

Just in case you missed it here she is again. In all her one gloved, ripped jean, swagger glory.


Rebecca said...

She has that swag about her very hip/hop not my sort of music at all but I love her. xD

Tess Atkinson said...

a hip hop Keira Knightley is weirdly what I'm seeing? I loved her though! Cher to win?

Annie said...

LOVE HER. love it. But CANNOT FREAKING BELIEVE she is 16!!!!!