Monday, 29 March 2010

Not sure you should know...

....but it's too funny not to share.....look what we had sent to us?!

Did you know....

Ok so it's Monday and we're already a bit bored of work so in an effort to avoid it at all costs we decided to do some googling. And look what we discovered. There are LOADS of historical Henry Hollands. Not just our one?! And whilst we're not sure any of them would be so good with a rhyming dictionary as our Henry it would be kinda cool to be a Viscount right?

(ps thanks Wikipedia - we love you!)

We're off to join the Circus...

So here at HOH towers we love the people we work with. And so, as a MASSIVE thank you to them all we decided to treat all those involved with a night of fun and frollics. And nothing comes funner or frollicier (yes we've made this word up) than the evening of pure unadulterated joy we had at Circus.
Circus. What can we say? Well - the food is amazing, the drinks are delish and between each course hot dancers perform on the table in front of you! Sold? We were. Higly recommend it!

OK, we will stop being restaurant critic now as realise HOH already has enough going on to add restaurant critic in there too - here's the link to their website in the meantime!

Oh and a bit of Britney too. Basically we're Circus mad now!

Are you down with HOH?

Here are some images from an upcoming editorial for the american magazine Future Claw, Ylonka V (@ NY Models) shot by Willem Jaspert and styled by Sam Ranger. Pin, cropped leather tee, jacket and dress! It's an HOH full house!

Plus here's the video of the song that inspired the title of this shoot....worth a listen to!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Hop Hop Hooray for Hillier

She is the bag and jewellery genius. She keeps us inspired. And we've gotta be honest - most of the time she keeps us sane. She's the glorious Katie Hillier and now her website has gone live! Check it out immediately as it is fun and super and wonderful and you'd be an idiot not to!!

From Runway to Celebrity to your Reality

You lucky things - now you can get your hands on this dress that Pixie is wearing above! think how fancy you'll look?! And this one even has a slip to be worn underneath if you're not quite as brave as the lovely Pix.
And here is the link to the lovely Browns website where you can purchase it!

Just another Manic Monday as a remedy to that and to put a smile on our (and hopefully your) faces - we just had to post this link to photographer Jesse Friedn's portraits of dogs' dressed as Lady Gaga. Basically it made us LOL. Happy Monday!

We had a visitor

And look who it is - Queen of Noize DJ, arbitor of all things cool and sparkly and Florence's manager, Mairead Nash. And she brought her dog too. It was a lovely treat for a Friday!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Monday, 15 March 2010

Boys or bags - you decide

Sorry - here at HOH towers we just couldn't resist showing off. Anyway - woah boy is it worth it. Here it is folks. The bag we here at HOH have been carrying for months. Yes people it is the BAGAZINE, part of Henry's H! by Henry Holland Debenhams line. And here is Henry to tell you a little bit more about it......

Back to Black (get it?)

They sold quicker than hot cakes, never sure how quickly hot cakes sell, but I'm sure the tights soldout quicker!, but now they are BACK! oh and in BLACK!!!

These will be available online from tomorrow - but you better get your hosiery grabbing mits on them asap as they are LIMITED STOCK! quel horreur!!!

Look how good Pixie looked in her's!

Bon for BON

Here's an image from the AW09 issue of the lovely BON magazine. Doesn't Mathilde look faboo, obviously helped massively by the HOH jacket and Katie Hillier for HOH necklace. OBVS.

What's the Malarky Leigh Lezarky?

Ok so apparently we're feeling musical today (we can't help it - that's what the sun coming out does to us) so we thought we'd give you a double Misshapes treat.

Firstly (and courtesy of the delightful kiddas over at ASOS mag) we have this divine pic of Leigh Lezark in SS09 house print dress. Yay with a side of tulle.

And secondly - The Misshapes have very kindly uploaded their House of Holland aw10 show mix - click on link below which will take you to their website (I would suggest this anyway as it is AMAZING).

Bitto of Ditto

So it's a Monday - the weekend is over and another week has to start. Urgh. So in honour of brightening up your Monday we thought it was only right to treat you to a bitto of ditto.
Here is beth in a House of Holland AW08 tee and here is Beth singing one of our fave Dolly Parton songs.
Didn't your Monday just get better?!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Maybe we went to a couple of parties....

So whilst we were VERY busy at the London showroom doing sales and generally ensuring that all the right people saw the new collection we thought it was only right to maybe pop to a party or two. Here is Henry and one of our fave girls, Queeny Van Der Zande at the Purple magazine party. This picture is from - how very fancy of us!


So we've had a mammoth crush on Terry for what seems like eternity, come on people - we put him on a t-shirt for cripes sake. So you can imagine how happy we were to receive this picture today.

Do not fear Mr Richardson we are sending one to you immediately - hopefully you'll put us up on your ever-entertaining, boob-tastic blog! (

Thanks to Pedro for the pic!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Vive Le(igh) France

So we're here living it up in Paris and nothing says Paris fashion fun like the Purple soiree last night. And you know what made it even better? Seeing the gorgeous Leigh Lezark in the HOH AW10 finale dress.

N'est-elle pas magnifique? (That's 'Doesn't she look gorgeous' to the rest of us!)

Thanks to for the picture!

Misshapes' Leigh Lezark+Jacob Coupe+Levis...sure we love it

Here are some highlights from the House of Holland Levis shoot - Leigh Lezark and Jacob Coupe shot by Matt Irwin. Ta very much misshapes for the behind the scenes shots!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Another crush....

The veil, the glasses just generally we have always loved Diane Pernet - we love her for more these catwalk pics. THANKS!!!

we were there - but we still all love a backstage pic

and a tad of self promotion. you know what - the best bit is - LOOK AT OUR GHETTO GIRLS FLO, ADDISON AND KELLI!!!!

(Thanks to for the lovely pics!)

With this House of Holland you are really spoiling us...

Seriously Pix - you couldn't look hotter and more HOH-er right now. WE HEART.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

NALGO we're off to Paris...

If you're in Paris and you love HOH then here's some good news....we're coming for Fashion Week!


What is your role here at House of Holland?

I style the HOH show and according to Henry say No a lot.

What is your favourite HOH moment?

Too many to count but couple of highlights - First ever show with the 4 girls walking down the catwalk holding hands, welling up when I saw the House made of flowers for SS09 and probs hearing the bagpipe music at the beginning of the AW08 show music. Oh and of ourse the creation of Ham season.

How excited are you about the show?

Well it's already been on but am still excited at how well it went every time I think about it!

Make up an acronym that bests describes yourself.

S.A.M. - Styles and Moans.

Our bad

In our list of thanks we totally forgot to send the biggest love to the Misshapes who always provide us with the most wonderful of show mixes. So SORRY! WE LOVE YOU GUYS. And in honour of your wonderfulness may I invite one and all to dance round, strut around and generally bounce to this fabulous Misshapes House of Holland Mix!!!!

More fresh off the runway...

And it's the wonderful Pixie @ The Mulberry Party.
Looking Hot-A.