Monday, 15 March 2010

Back to Black (get it?)

They sold quicker than hot cakes, never sure how quickly hot cakes sell, but I'm sure the tights soldout quicker!, but now they are BACK! oh and in BLACK!!!

These will be available online from tomorrow - but you better get your hosiery grabbing mits on them asap as they are LIMITED STOCK! quel horreur!!!

Look how good Pixie looked in her's!


Sasha said...

Will it be solely these three styles or all your tights?

getpalmd said...

!! ♥

ediot said...

i LOVE your tights collection. got those first ones and the alphabet tights. brillliant.
how is the internship position going? is it taken now?


Jessica Ly said...

I've got mits ready and waiting!!

Jessica Ly said...

whoopsiee *My mits ready & waiting!

Stephanie Sabella Tatum Smith said...


Caused a stir! && Loved it.