Monday, 23 August 2010


While non of us here at HoH managed to get to V Festival this weekend, Pixie Lott certainly managed it and according to the morning papers today she wore our brand new Chain Suspender tights.

Get yourself pair here...

We highly recommend it.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Henry has updated his vogue blog. for all things doll hair, shoe addiction and BANG check it out now!

House of Holland Browns Exclusive

So following on from the massive success of the acronym tees for the HOH AW10 show - House of Holland designed an exclusive mini collection for the glorious Browns. Here are the images that we shot on the HOH roof a few weeks ago - plus a link to the Brown's website so that you can snap them up immediately.

Photography - Willem Jaspert
Styling - Sam Ranger

pps how exciting - vogue have blogged it too! check out the link:


So we're feeling especially reminiscent of our youth i.e nineties and skatery (Henry used to be a skateboarder FYI) so you can imagine how happy we were to see HOH pieces featured in a skater themed shoot on NAAG. Enjoy the pictures whilst we remember our skater crush on Gavin Rossdale of Bush.

Photography - Willem Jaspert
Fashion - Sam Ranger

(For the full story check out :

oh wait and here's a skateboarding dog for good measure...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Oh go on then

....whilst we're banging on about Henry still (urgh we know - we'll get over him eventually *teehee*) have you seen his very handsome portrait in the amazing new issue of i-D? The photographic genius that is Nick Knight has photographed london's key movers and shakers for the september issue and included Henry! here is a little blackberry image of the shot but we urge you to go out and buy that bad-boy yourself. It'll be an issue to treasure for years to come!

Up and Down

Did you see? Henry's tweets got put on the GOING UP section of the Guardian's absolutely genius 'The Measure'. In case you missed it - here is a slightly ropey blackberry image of it!

and in case you've gone totally mental and are still not following Henry on twitter here is a link to help you out.

Enjoy the Vengaboys in the meantime!

Musical Quiffs

So here at HOH we are really loving Janelle Monae (a new girl crush in fact) and her song Tightrope. This got us to thinking about Musical hair - and in honour of henry in particular....Musical Quiffs. So here, in celebration of this subject, are a few musicians who were owners of quiffs to rival our dear Henners'.

Let's start with Janelle where all of this began....NEW-QUIFF

Elvis Presley- THE KING-QUIFF

Morrissey of The Smiths - SAD-QUIFF

Rihanna - LADY-QUIFF

Shakin' Stevens - CHRISTMAS-QUIFF


And last but by no means least - we couldn't do Musical Quiffs without including Jedward (yes we know the musical side is a bit dubious): TWIN-QUIFF

An open letter to Nicki Minaj

Dear Ms. Minaj

We here at House of Holland wanted to send you a little letter to tell you we love you. Your Barbie-esque stylings, your need for crazy hair choices, your penchant for tight clothing. I mean basically you are the perfect HOH lady. We have attached some of our face videos of yours and we have dared to even suggest what we would love to see you in from the HOH collections!!


HOH Minajettesxx

Please note that this this is not a 'Stan' kinda letter. Although if you see a quiffed man loitering round corners in your native Queens I think you can probably guess who it will be.....

Lady B is an HoH Ambassador. FACT.

Anna Barnett, our amazing 'Operations Manager' has rocked up to work today in not one, not two but THREE gorgeous pieces of HoH.

Doesn't she look lovely.

And before she asks, no this does not warrant a pay rise.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Happy Birthday Sam Graham Ranger

Today is a special day
Today is a birthday
Happy Birthday Samuel
Time for an adult beverage!


Look what just arrived at HoH towers!!

It's only the delicious sheepskin bombers from our AW10 collection. If only it wasn't about 15 degrees to hot to wear them for more than 10 second intervals today...