Tuesday, 31 January 2012

In Good Company

Lovely shoot in Company Magazine, HoH AW11 Orange Pearl Sleeve Jumper (now on sale HERE) and floral trousers, floral trousers, everywhere atm!!
HoH x

Monday, 30 January 2012

Pastel Punks A'Comin

The new ASOS mag is out, inside the soon-to-be-able-to-buy PASTEL PUNK collection :  

 PC12 Navy Raglan Sleeve Tee, paired with floral jacket and trousers. 

 Custom bikini top with PC12 Maxi Skirt. (Love that guys hair!)

 First look Pastel Punk Zip Jean!
 Tartan Kilt from SS12!!

 All over the Leopard Print Tea Dress

Whole SS12 outfit!! Spring Summer 2012 'coming soon' to ASOS. How exciting. 
PC12, is up and ready to buy!
Magazine looks great. Read it online, HERE
HoH x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Give Us a Wave.

Designers and their finale thank yous.
Henry and Emma, doing a double wave. 
HoH x

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Where ARE we?


There's no prize but....No harm in looking. 
HoH x

Friday, 27 January 2012

Leather Love

This months InStyle have used our Leather Skirt and Bra Top from SS12 Pastel Punks.

Leather Love and Pastel Punks. 
HoH x

Tweety Pie

Pixie here, In good company along side Kate Moss and Chloe Moretz, all wearing birdy print!!
Our favorite, obviously the HoH Aw11 dress.


Straight off the catwalk
Shop HoH AW Sale and bird print HERE
HoH x

Thursday, 26 January 2012


We've now got a weibo account. So please follow us for all the latest House of Holland news and gossip, translated into Chinese. 
Follow HERE
HoH x 


Elle Japan have taken inspiration from our very own Princess Kate and French icon Catherine Deneuve. Putting together how-to-guide to dressing like a lady.

Tweed being the most important fabric, Harris, being the BEST tweed to go for. 
Shop HoH Harris tweed HERE, HERE and HERE.

HoH x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday. Grazia Day

We look forward to Wednesday. It's mid week. Closer to Friday than Monday AND Grazia is out. 
Ready to fill our heads with all the latest fashion news, trends and gossip, here goes...... 

You know what they say.....Get a head, get a hat. And what better hat than a House of Holland one.

 TREND ALERT!!! Jubilee Dresses: Time to channel your inner 1940s Queen with a House of Holland Tea dress. 

Tea is not compulsory, although the two go hand in hand. 
Thank you Grazia!! 
HoH x


We love getting illustrations of HoH. 
This one is a beaut. 

Thank you Sketch Show.
Love your work. 
HoH x

Pretty In Pastels

Black Magazine in New Zealand, a whole story using our SS12 collection. 

HoH x

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say Pt 2


From 0.26, 'These are House of Holland, so be cool' 
A line I will be repeating ALL day. 

Shop our sunglasses HERE, and be cool.
HoH x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sensational Sam

So our Stylist Sam came in the studio today with her first edition (as Fashion Director) of EXIT. 

One of the stories featured some of our AW socks. (nowonsalehere)

Well done Sam!! (and Exit team)
HoH x

Monday, 23 January 2012

Holey Moley

News from Australia. 
CLEO magazine and our SS12 Polo.
Still keeping it punky-fresh.

We like! 

HoH x

Coat Envy

On this cold Monday morning, everyone should be wrapped up in one of these HoH AW09 coats.
Thanks STOPITRIGHTNOW for posting.
HoH x

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Crochet King

Christo sent us this picture of him sippin a drink wearing one of our crochet tees. 
Crochet on crochet.
HoH x

Friday, 20 January 2012

This Is How We Do It

Our DIVA Rebekah in AW11 Crochet Dress.
Showing us ALL how it's done.
HoH x

Behind the Scenes

Way back in 2011, we did a Fashion Film and here are some behind the scene images for you all.....

Pixie. Working the tartan. Singing her heart out. Working the mic.

Aggy. Naw. The original HoH girl. Slogan Tee (personalised) and a stacked Kicker.

Eliza and her pole. Saucey. 
Here's the finished product.......

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Don't Worry Be Happy

Happy Shop in Berlin have added our Crochet Scarf to their jazzy January window display. (to the right, to the right, yes, that's us)

And here, they've styled a WHOLE AW11 Look. Ponyskin Biker, Matching Bag n'all.
Thank you Happy Shop. 
Looks great. 
HoH x 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Teen Vogue. Pastel Punk Style.

Febuary Teen Vogue features an interview with Ella Rose Richards. Daughter of Kieth and bridesmade of Kate.
As you can see the young whippersnapper is dressed in none other than, HoH SS12. Styled with school shirt and floppy hat, Teen Vogue has hit the nail on the head. 

 We love. 

Perfect Fit

 So any iD reader will remember this shoot with Duke and Joe. (Offspring Issue, 2008, remember?)


Well, At the very same time Henrys friend gave birth to twins!! He made them slogan twin t-shirts, like the ones from the iD shoot.
4 years on and the t-shirts finally fit. 

And here they are.
Perfectly poised in their custom made House of Holland slogan tees.  

You gotta love twins! 
HoH x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Street Chic-Shirts

Company have used one of our Aw11 shirts in their latest issue. 

Love the laid back styling. 
Buy the blue version of this shirt (on sale) HERE
HoH x


Grazia, pond side, featured our stripe maxi in one of their stories this week. 
Totally hippy trippy. 

They also couldn't resist throwing in a bit of AW11.  Showing how colour blocking should be done.

Thanks Grazia Australia. 
HoH x

Film of the Year

InStyle have hosted a night at the movies.
It was a star studded event that included the TOWIE gang, X Factor finalists and even Mr Crissy Loubs himself.

Henry was there, naming the Note Book as 'Most Stylish Film Ever', potentially the saddest film ever but agreed, 40s and 50s fashion gets a big YES from us.

Henry gave Black Swan 'Favorite Film of the Year'. Natalie Portman gave an amazing performance, the styling was tip top and the whole thing was beautifully shot.

Well chosen Henry.
HoH x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

MTV Motivation

A little late with New Year Resolutions but we found this lovely list of things to focus on for 2012, curtsy of MTV style.
First off, "Wear More Colour" I think we're all a little guilty of wearing too much noir, slimming, chic, but for 2012, it's all about colour. MTV specifically suggests our Woven Silk Dress, colour colour colour. 

Our second favorite resolution is "Be More Adventurous About Legwear" and what better way than with some HoH tights. No more american tan, it's time to dress your pins with pride. 

Read the full article HERE. 
Thanks MTV 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Domino Effect

An avid wearer of our tights Jessie J has done us proud and worn our tights in her new (AMAZING) video 'Domino'

^^ Here she's wearing 'Super Suspender' tights^^

^^And here she's wearing (her favorite) 'I'm Laddered' tights.^^


Thank you Jessie!