Friday, 31 August 2012

Selfridges Store Profile!!

We have been putting together profiles of our various stockists all over the world and will be sharing them with you here on our blog. This is the first installation with Selfridges...

Our new underwear collection is now available exclusively in store or online at Selfridges. Click through any of the images above or here to shop online.

HoH x

Thursday, 30 August 2012

What We're Wearing!

Today at HoH, we are reporting on what is being worn in the House of Holland office. We took some snaps of our staff and asked them what they are wearing...

 Emily wears the AW12 Houndstooth Blouse

"This blouse fits perfectly and the colours brighten up my noir pallet"

Megan wears the House of Holland Slogan Tee

"London's weather is miserable, so today I opted for colour and comfort!"

Danielle wears the zig zag cardigan

"This cardigan is great! I even wore it to go horse riding on the weekend!"

"I wore my Superga's to 93 feet east for my birthday weekend and about 5 people were like 'your shoes are wicked!' You've got the rate a pair of shoes that get you that much attention!"

"It's just so soft! I am from Glasgow and this scarf is going to be perfect for the Glaswegian weather!"

Maggie wears the limited edition Superga dress

"I love this dress because of its signature HoH polka dots. I've got my eye on the matching Supergas"

Jess wears a whole lotta zig zags - the long sleeve shirt dress, the phone case and the cardigan!

"I've got the blouse, the cardi AND the phone case! What'v youuu got?"

Anna is taking it back to AW11 with her "Hawt Couture" tee!

"...But it is Hawt Couture!"

That's all for this week folks, but join us next week for more "what we're wearing"!!

HoH x

Hairbooth obsession!

Okay, so this may have nothing at all to do with anything ever, BUT, I just have to share with you all my new obsession. I love a good novelty iphone app but hairbooth is just a classic, I am obsessed! Have a look at these bloomin' beauties...

Katie Hillier was a personal favourite.

It's the perfect way to make an amazing photo even better. Let me know if you are as obsessed with hairbooth as I am!! Send us your snaps @HouseOfHolland. I'll keep you posted on any of my new iPhone obsessions.

Henry x


Okay so who knows this woman?! We want to find out who this amazing lady is wearing A FULL HoH catwalk look, casually sat outside a bakery on Sunday afternoon!! This is taking Sunday best to the NEXT LEVEL!!
Take note of clashing green floral blazer, mega suede yellow platform shoes and electric blue LV (??) bowling bag. We salute you lady, you and your pink stripey, floppy hat!!
Just one more thing, what pastry were you eating and was it good?Judging by your smile and that window display, it was good.

If you want to try and top this look shop here!
 The challenge has been SET!!
Send us YOUR Sunday best @houseofholland
HoH x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

5 Days, 5 Different ways: Part 5

Today is our last installment of our 5 Days, 5 ways challenge. I have been styling the Long Sleeve Jersey Dress in 5 different ways to see just how versatile our AW12 jersey collection really is. This outfit was for a night out and was dressed up with metallic wedges, sheer tights and a leather biker jacket. This is a seemingly casual piece however when dressed up it was perfect for a Saturday night!

I have found this dress so easy to wear and it has really become my go to item! All our jersey pieces are very fun in true House of Holland style but it is always great to have a versatile piece you know you can throw on for any occasion! Shop all the new arrivals here!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

5 Days, 5 Different ways: Part 4

Today was a busy day in the office as the show is fast approaching! The weather has gotten a little cooler in London and so for the penultimate day of our 5 day trial, we teamed the Long Sleeve Jersey Dress with a cozy Ride It Sweat! 

HoH x

Monday, 20 August 2012

5 Days, 5 Different ways: Part 3

Today is the third day of our five day trial testing the versatility of our AW12 jersey collection. Today, I donned the long sleeve HoH jersey dress and teamed it with black tights, a skirt and a belt! This dress is proving very easy to style into different outfits. If the slogan style isn't for you, maybe check out the pink houndstooth print!

HoH x

Friday, 17 August 2012

Summer Sunglasses Sale!

We're in for a delightfully sunny few days this weekend and we thought what better way to celebrate than by giving you lucky lot 30% off all our eyewear all day Saturday and Sunday!  picking your purchases HERE.

Just enter the discount code "SHADES" (make sure you use capitals) at the checkout to get 30% off! That's a blindin' deal if ever there was one!

To hear about more exclusive House of Holland offers, sign up to our mailing list HERE!

HoH x

5 Days, 5 Different ways: Part 2

At HoH HQ, we are putting our AW12 collection on trial and wearing one item for 5 days in 5 different ways. Today was a lovely sunny day in London so we decided to get summery and wear the long sleeve jersey dress with flatform sandals and sunnies!

Let's hope to sun stays out for the weekend!
HoH x

Monday, 13 August 2012

5 Days, 5 Different ways: Part 1

Our new AW12 stock is slowly but surely making its way on to our website and we wanted to take it for a trial run. All the jersey styles are very wearable, versatile pieces and so I decided to put my favourite piece, the long sleeve jersey dress, to the test by wearing 5 different days, in 5 different ways.

Today, day one of the 5 day trial was a standard casual, comfy outfit to go for a spot of brunch and shopping. So far so good, but will I be able to mix it up in 5 different styles? Stay tuned!

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Time for another game of Hunt the Holland!!!
It's like Where's Wally but better.  Find the House of Holland AW13 pieces.........Simple.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Anna and Ted...

HoH's Anna and her canine companion Ted have been interviewed for Style Tails this month! The interview is a lovely write up of Anna's history with HoH, cooking and all things doggy, including a quick fire interview with Ted himself - Barking mad! 

Anna is seen wearing the AW12 pink houndstooth blazer and Ted is wearing the HoH doggy coat which was named after him no less! Check out the full interview and pictures here and don't forget you can pick up a HoH coat for your doggy here!

 HoH x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Get The Look!

We have lots of new AW12 stock on our website including our new collection of jumpers and matching tights! We thought we'd show you some of the brand spanking new pieces...

Plenty more coming soon so keep an eye out on our New Arrivals!

HoH x

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Results Are In!

We were overwhelmed by the amazing entries in our nail art competition! There were so many spectacular entries, it was really hard to pick just one winner. Henry managed to whittle it down to his favourites picking one winner and three runners up.

The winner is... Lucy Sykes with her pastel punks inspired nails. "They are hand painted, with gold foil used on the padlock (inspired by the padlock necklace), piercings with hand made detachable gold chains, checks, hand painted snakeskin and studs". Amazing - we're sure you'll agree!

Our three amazing runners up were...

Rebecca Chuang with her AW12 Ride It inspired nails.

Jasmine Cross with her Pre 13 pom pom people inspired nails.

And last but by no means least Sophie Dale with her AW11 inspired budgie nails.

But, we had so many amazing entries that we just had to share some more of our favourites with you. Thanks for all the incredible entries, keep a look out for more HoH competitions in the near future!

HoH x