Friday, 26 February 2010

something for the weekend....


love HOH xx

it's not all fun...

... we were working too. sneaky backstage shot.
(yes we were also showing off a chanel bag and a ruby aldridge too!)

go on then...

Some pics and review from The style pa. Cos we like to be a bit involved with the critics too....

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Elle's Belles - Henry hosted the Elle Style Awards 2010

And did a brilliant job! Well done Henners!


Look what Pixie rocked when she came to the show - House of Holland SS10 Levis denim! much?!
(PS Alexa we think you look gorge too!)

Fresh off the Catwalk - AND WE LOVE IT!

It was the event of LFW and guess what our favourite supermodel chose to wear. Yes you guessed it - HOUSE OF HOLLAND AW10! And doesn't she look blooming brilliant!

(PS Little insider gossip from HOH towers - we called this the Crufts Poodle dress!)

Fanks Sophy Robson!


Grazie Pica

Dahhling it's Pica - the make-up goddess. The skin, the eyes, the gorgeousness. Lucia Pica - we adore you!

PS You are our FAVOURITE Diva!

Work it - oh yeah you totes did!

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. We love them and frankly our little army of g-girls couldn't have been any better! You stomped, you brought our vision to life and go on we want to thank your agents too!

Ruby Aldridge @ NEXT
Ali Carr @ Models 1
Queeny Van Der Zande @ Viva
Tara Gill @ Viva
Flo @ Viva
Addison Gill @ Premier
Sesilee Lopez @ Elite
Ming Xi @ Elite
Hyoni @ Storm
Tati Cotliar @ Select
Kelli Lumi @ Premier
Sedene @ Union

Never CTFO TCS - you are perfect just the way you are!

Want to thank our glorious PR team - the front row was overflowing with fabulosity, the show ran like fashion clock work and you were great fun at the party that night!
Basically we couldn't wish for any better!!

Shucks we love you guys

It is only fair to thank our lovely interns,design assistants, runners arounders. You sewed, you laughed, you got coffee and you kept us all going. We couldn't have done it without you!

Danke Charlotte Olympia

DOn't have close up picture of the shoes as of yet - but trust us when we tell you that they were AMAZING. Stripes in black and white, lilac and aqua and grey and white - it was the perfect shoe from the perfect shoe designer. And look how gorgeous she is!

Merci le Team Vogel

They are casting masterminds. They got us the girls of our dreams. And frankly they are so directional we can't bear it. Team Vogel - J'ADS.

The grand dame Rosie Vogel with the Vogelettes Tim Clifton Green and Max Ortega.

Ta very much Katie Hillier and all

The earrings, The bracelets, The shearling clutches, the necklaces - what can we say - it was all GLORIOUS! You kept us sane, you kept us bedazzled and frankly you guys are just the best. HOUSE OF HOLLAND ADORES ALL AT KATIE HILLIER'S!

Here is a pic of the gorgeousness that is Katie Hillier, Nancy Sandison and Rachel Pelly.

and another one...

Here we are - in glorious moving technicolour! well youtube but you know what we mean!

Oooh and here's Henry...


So - we've just about recovered. we've had a little disco nap (or 12) so we thought it was time to put up pics of the show!!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Countdown time...

So we're still at the studio beavering away and the countdown begins!
Show time less than 14 hours. EEK. Wish us luck!


Holla Hillier

What is your role here at House of Holland?

me and the girls do the bag and jewels!

What is your favourite HOH moment?

Hiding behind the decs after the colour me happy show, grimey, kanye, me and henry hiding!!

How excited are you about the show?

I am so excited I could pee my pants!!!!!!

Make up an acronym that bests describes yourself

sas - save all squirels

(P.S Yes that is a sneak preview at the gorgeous Charlotte Olympia designed shoes for the show!)

It's another Fletcher - this time it's Ashley!

What is your role here at House of Holland?

my role at HOH is to assist henry with designing and realising the collection

What is your favourite HOH moment?

Employee of the week on lauren lavern's bbc radio 6 programme! IN YER FACE

How excited are you about the show?

I am extremely excited. i am feeling all the extreme emotions that come with fashion week but kind of glad we are at the begining!

Make up an acronym that bests describes yourself.

H.M.G - Hot Mega Ga

Tonight Matthew I will be Anna Barnett...

What is your role here at House of Holland?
International Eating Operations Manager

What is your favourite HOH moment?

Making it to the pages of Grazias style hunter wearing an understated HOH Lambs Wool Jacket

How excited are you about the show?
I'm not I'm Hungry!

Make up an acronym that bests describes yourself.

HMHL 'Hate my hungry Life'

Next up....Jessica Fletcher (not the detective one - the HOH one!)

What is your role here at House of Holland?
International Sales Manager (also office manager, Accounts Manager, general manger and hot men manager)

What is your favourite HOH moment?
Last season when we doubled our stockists, very proud!

How excited are you about the show?
I cry at every show...

Make up an acronym that bests describes yourself.
Butter Wouldn’t Melt

H! by Henry Holland's #1 Fan....obvs

So a few days ago we showed you a sneaky peek of the H! by Henry Holland shop within a shop space at Debenhams and a jacket modelled by the delightful Jess! Now here we can show you some more highlights from the collection - and the really exciting thing? here they are modelled by Henry's mum! We all think she looks delightful!

Hi Cilla, I'm Henry...

Well it seemed only fitting that we start with Henry himself. So Henry - face the HOH blog questions....

What is your role here at House of Holland?
I’m Henry Holland

What is your favourite HOH moment?

Aggy opening our show for the first time for our Stephanie and Axl show SS07. I pushed her out and she tripped on wires but luckily the lights weren’t up so no one saw!

How excited are you about the show
*words cannot describe

Make up an acronym that bests describes yourself.

What a wanker

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Introducing.....The House of Holland family

We are getting ready for the show - and whilst we can't show you the magic that is happening in the studio we can show you the people who are making it happen! Over the next 48 hours we will introduce you to the shiny happy people of House of Holland. Hope you're very excited to meet them!

Did you know we SMELL?

And we smell of Henry's fragrance. Here is some info from the uber professional press site:
"Created by a distinct group of designers and perfumers, these limited edition fragrances are designed to represent a global range of contemporary views on creativity and culture. Through the designers’ concepts and the perfumers’ knowledge of fine fragrance, two artistic disciplines interweave to explore new perfume compositions. Six Scents: Series Two will feature fragrances by: Phillip Lim, Henry Holland, Damir Doma, Henrik Vibskov, Richard Nicoll, and Toga. Individually numbered with custom packaging, each fragrance will be offered in a limited quantity of 2,000 bottles and a percentage of the net proceeds will go toward Pro-Natura in support of their environmental sustainability programs"

All we know is that it smells AMAZING and look at how fancy pants the packaging is!

HOH hearts HOLE

OK - it's time to admit our girl crush number 2. Miss Courtney Love. What can we say? She was our grunge queen, our musical goddess and sister looks great in a tiara. What more do you need?
Please join us in rocking out for a minute (we did last night at the Shepherds Bush Empire!)

Henry's been a VERY busy boy

So as well as busying himself getting ready for the House of Holland show (it's on 20th Feb in case you don't already know!) Henry has been working hard on his H! by Henry Holland Debenhams collection. Whilst the press launch was a few months ago (you probs read about it right?!), it is now time for you lucky folks to get your fashion mits on the collection! Here is our very own Jessica Fletcher acting as H! mannequin before the store was open! Love Jessica modelling henry's varsity jacket!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

FFS go on the blog

I know we're blowing are own blog trumpet (bloget? trumog?) but seriously check out

it's getting better every hour! If you don't believe us then check out this press on it so far!

The Bride of Holland

Henry, the lucky thing, got to go to the Brits last night. And even luckier - look at his arm candy. And, dare it get even better - Pixie's in the House of Holland wedding dress from SS10. Bloody Brit Brilliant!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

If you have to cry, go outside

For a long time, here at HOH, we have had a major Girl crush. Who is the object of our affections dare you ask? None other than the wonderful, the talented, the grand-dame that is Kelly Cutrone. We loved her on the hills, we love her in Kell on Earth, she's Henry's PR and shut up she's written a book. Everyone must purchase it immediately.


It's all go here at HOH - getting ready for the show on Saturday 20th! In the meantime here is Henry modelling the AW10 invite.
(taken from Henry's Vogue blog)


It's a blog, it's cryptic, it's filled with gorgeous people in wonderful tees - that's all you need to know for now. Just click on the link.


Here's to our very own Anna Barnett - featured in this week's GRAZIA Style Hunter.
Here is the link to read further. We think she looks AMAZING!