Friday, 23 November 2012

Contemp Salon is Spot On

We're stepping into the world of Contemp Salon through the eyes of their Instagram......

Our bold AW13 colours paired with their good eye for a photo, Contemp Salons instagram has got it going awnnnnn!!

 We suggest you follow @contem_salon
 We do! 
HoH x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bending Over Backwards

We're so in love with this FULL AW13 shoot. 
Getting the model to bend over backwards (howd they make her do that) BOLD!!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Proud of our Pudsey

Last night 19 special DESIGNER Pudseys were sent off to Christies to take part in an auction to raise money for Children in Need. 
Our Pudsey attended, looking rather dapper in a FULL Autumn Winter look, goat cuffs n'all.

Here he is stealing a cuddle with our Pixie.....

NAW!! Too cute.

It was a star studded event (Cara Delevingne in a panda outfit, maj) and loadsa money has been raised so far but it's not too late for you to bid.
Bidding ends this weekend every penny counts!!
Go Go Go!! 
HoH x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

NEWER Undies!!

So we've done slogan undies. Bold.
 We've done neon/UV/Glow in the Dark. Maj.
 Now we're doing devore!!  OHHHHH!!

Now who doesn't appreciate a little (half) nudity over lunch?
Available on our website!! 
HoH x

Monday, 12 November 2012

Pose Pixie, Pose!

Here's our FAVE, Pixie Geldof wearing one of our show looks from SS13 BUZZ KILL. 
She wore the dress to the MTV EMAs in Frankfurt. WoooootWoo!!

Pixie paired the dress with  a red Maison Martin Margiela for H&aM Sweetie Clutch (mega jeals) and blue satin shoes!
HoH x


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Boots Road Test Pt.1

A hot topic at HoH HQ, nails!! (Henry's obsessed)
Today we're road testing Henry's Banging Nails Kit and asking the questions everyone wants to know!! 

 Emily went for a classic red. 
What was the brush like? Good brush, nice even spread. 
How did the colour go on? Really well, watery but in a good way, not transparent, slick! 
How many coats did you need? I did two just to be sure. One would be fine and it dries really quick. Good for on the go nails!!

Score out of 10: 9 (no, really, it was that good)

Anna chose the Green. 

What did you most like about the nail polish? The iridescent finish  (on trend!!)
Did you like the packaging? Love the House shape and the lid unscrews dead easy, that's important, right?
Best thing about this nail varnish? It's festiveness! Christmas is coming!!

Score out of 10: 10!! Maj!!

Danielle had no choice but to go for the purple. She was game though. 

How do you feel the colour went on? I have no time or patience, it went on well and was dry in no time. Perfect!! 
What do you think about the colour? Its HOUSE OF HOLLAND PURPLE. What's not to love. 
Would you buy it? Course!! Perfect Christmas pressie as well! AND you get a pretty good nail file, buffer and polisher!!

Score out of 10? 8.7 (purely because I wanted to wear the red)

So there we have it. The girls in the office are raving about the Banging Nails Kit. 
Get yours HERE: CLICK
HoH x

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Rita & her HOH Ora

So, Rita Ora stepped out this weekend wearing a black leather ensemble topped off with House of Holland Lilac Cagefighter sunglasses......norms.

But before all that she was only papped en-route to Radio 1 wearing a FULL House of Holland look. Silk Dress, Fur Sleeve Coat, Shoes n'all!!

So it's official. Rita Ora is into House of Holland.
And we're huge huge fans so it's all equal.
Thanks Rita!
HoH x

World Domination

So we're always looking at ways to improve House of Holland THE BRAND!! 
We thought the best way to do so would be opening a shop. In Grimsby......that's right. Grimsby. 

(we're not opening a shop in Grimsby, pretty good picture though) 
You can shop ALL House of Holland right HERE: CLICK
HoH x

Thursday, 1 November 2012

What We're Wearing.....

It's Thursday, let's all have a gander at what we're wearing!

Well spotted, not an in house member of staff, Hayley (Egelnick & Webb) wearing our pink silk shirt AND matching iPhone case. Fancy & Dead official. 


Another snazzy (non official member of staff), Miss Aimee Philips wearing our Frill Neckline Dress to the Cosmo Awards......!!
Extra fancy. 

London's turned pretty chilly now so HoH knitware is surfacing. 
Navy Pearl Hand Knit and Cagefighter sunglasses.

Double spot!! Not only is this friendly dog walker wearing a Nipple Pinch Tee, her dog is also sporting a Harris Tweed HoH Coat
Warra fancy dog!! 

Only 7 more days till more: What We're Wearing!
HoH x