Thursday, 1 November 2012

What We're Wearing.....

It's Thursday, let's all have a gander at what we're wearing!

Well spotted, not an in house member of staff, Hayley (Egelnick & Webb) wearing our pink silk shirt AND matching iPhone case. Fancy & Dead official. 


Another snazzy (non official member of staff), Miss Aimee Philips wearing our Frill Neckline Dress to the Cosmo Awards......!!
Extra fancy. 

London's turned pretty chilly now so HoH knitware is surfacing. 
Navy Pearl Hand Knit and Cagefighter sunglasses.

Double spot!! Not only is this friendly dog walker wearing a Nipple Pinch Tee, her dog is also sporting a Harris Tweed HoH Coat
Warra fancy dog!! 

Only 7 more days till more: What We're Wearing!
HoH x


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Scott Pickavance said...

I came across your blog post while searching for the news of the new Apple iPhone launches last night. It's good to see you were 1 year ahead with adding a bit of colour to the dull iPhone