Thursday, 30 August 2012

What We're Wearing!

Today at HoH, we are reporting on what is being worn in the House of Holland office. We took some snaps of our staff and asked them what they are wearing...

 Emily wears the AW12 Houndstooth Blouse

"This blouse fits perfectly and the colours brighten up my noir pallet"

Megan wears the House of Holland Slogan Tee

"London's weather is miserable, so today I opted for colour and comfort!"

Danielle wears the zig zag cardigan

"This cardigan is great! I even wore it to go horse riding on the weekend!"

"I wore my Superga's to 93 feet east for my birthday weekend and about 5 people were like 'your shoes are wicked!' You've got the rate a pair of shoes that get you that much attention!"

"It's just so soft! I am from Glasgow and this scarf is going to be perfect for the Glaswegian weather!"

Maggie wears the limited edition Superga dress

"I love this dress because of its signature HoH polka dots. I've got my eye on the matching Supergas"

Jess wears a whole lotta zig zags - the long sleeve shirt dress, the phone case and the cardigan!

"I've got the blouse, the cardi AND the phone case! What'v youuu got?"

Anna is taking it back to AW11 with her "Hawt Couture" tee!

"...But it is Hawt Couture!"

That's all for this week folks, but join us next week for more "what we're wearing"!!

HoH x


Morgan Leah said...

I think that the 'over-sized hounds-tooth T-shirt' is blooming gorgeous!:p Tbh, I think that ALL the outfits are awesome!I know its very late but, thanks for the "new-ish" collection it is fab!


Cool outfits!