Monday, 29 March 2010

We're off to join the Circus...

So here at HOH towers we love the people we work with. And so, as a MASSIVE thank you to them all we decided to treat all those involved with a night of fun and frollics. And nothing comes funner or frollicier (yes we've made this word up) than the evening of pure unadulterated joy we had at Circus.
Circus. What can we say? Well - the food is amazing, the drinks are delish and between each course hot dancers perform on the table in front of you! Sold? We were. Higly recommend it!

OK, we will stop being restaurant critic now as realise HOH already has enough going on to add restaurant critic in there too - here's the link to their website in the meantime!

Oh and a bit of Britney too. Basically we're Circus mad now!

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