Wednesday, 2 February 2011


A little bit of a blast from last season's past but we just got through this image from the AW10 issue of EXIT magazine. Starring Sara Blomqvist (shot by Willem Jaspert, styled by Sam Ranger) - doesn't she look gorge in the HOH prisoner outfit from AW10!

So to celebrate we are going to post some of our favourite famous mugshots! Enjoy....(whilst listening to a bit of Telephone - she starts off in a prison after all!)

Khloe Kardashian

Jim Morrisson

Sid Vicious

David Bowie

Sue Ellen

Nicole Richie

Jane Fonda

Lil Kim

Lindsay Lohan part 1

Lindsay Lohan part 2

Lindsay Lohan part 3

Anna Nicole Smith

and of course...Hugh Grant


mac said...

Go on Jane! Power to the people. Love you always Bree Daniels :)

Anastasia said...

WOW! beautiful photos.
Bowie has the best prision image ever!