Friday, 23 July 2010

Nailed it.

We here at HOH are lucky enough to work with the very talented, the nail queen herself - Sophy Robson. She gave us tartan nails, she gave us lace nails and last season we had acronym talons so long and hot any ghetto girl would love to have them!

so we were super excited to see her new work for Elle:
Look - she included HOH!!!!

If you want to know more about sophy we advise that you follow her on twitter and find out all her exciting news!

We will be plotting our next nail colour and dancing along to this:

(Image courtesy of


Sophy Robson said...

U know Nail Pro is my theme tune!!(....along with Shoes by Tiga, Gangsta B*** by Apache and No Time by Lil KIm x x

Sara Louise said...

i really want union jack nails .