Monday, 31 May 2010

We We Love Ri Ri

OMG. squared. with a cherry on top. Flipping through the Rihanna album sleeve notes and look what we stumbled upon. Yes sirreee. that's Rihanna in House of Holland ss10. WOOP WOOP! Doesn't she look gorge.

We are going to celebrate by studying the picture intently and dancing around to this RiRi song. I suggest you join us! It's one of Henner's faves.


Marc said...

Yo why are there no stockist in Toronto Canada? Is it because Canada is worse than the third world?

Domino said...

I am not a huge Rihanna fan, but in H.O.H she looks great. And I think your clothes look great on anyone.


Carys said...

soorry but u no at florence and the machine there was that girl that was staring at u well its MMEEE sorry bout that

Werepup said...

promise to do another series of frock me pleeeease =]