Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Something to Shout About

Lots of news today to cheer up any mid week blues!

Pearl Suspender Tights will make any Gatsby outfit GREAT.

Huge and Tiny HoH Underwear. Perfect for the one you love! Or used to love?

AW11 Crochet still looking fab and festive!

AND, Look at our ANNA, staring in her very own TV show. 17th December, channel 4, 10:45am!!
Make sure you tune in!!

Now, from a land far far away. Henry and Jess are residing in Hong Kong.

So far, Jess has found a magazine named after her.

Henry wore his SS12 trousers.

They managed to find some muffin tops.

More stories from HK to come!
HoH x

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Anonymous said...

know wut? I cant wait to interview you tomoro!!! xxx Jo