Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What To Expect From Your Morning Paper

House of Holland SS12 Bra and lurex knit here in the South China Morning Post this week.
Us Brits know how well showing a bit of skin sells quality tabloids so it's nice to see the Chinese taking a leaf out of our book....or paper?

Who knew the Chinese news could be so much fun!!

Also, We've been going through some recent press and developed a fun game, 'Hunt the Holland'
You have to find all the House of Holland pieces on the page. It's fun, look......

This one's pretty easy.  Spectrum Magazine

We'd say that these two were more intermediate......




These ones for the more advanced.


Did you find everything? If not, study hard. They'll be more 'Hunt the Holland' next week.
Answers on a post card.
HoH x

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