Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thurs-days At HoH

So here we are again!! 
It's Thursday. Time to see what we're wearing around the office!! 

Lily was wearing her pinnie. Teamed it with a white shirt and white DMs. Casual.

Emily and Danielle were off to the Cosmo Awards so they were dressed a little posher than the rest of us!! Emily wearing her AW13 goat cuff coat and long sleeve blouse. Danielle was wearing a one of a kind House of Holland dress in SS09 fabric.

Swanning off early from work, the girls went off to the Awards.  
Danielle, with one of the Cosmo-Cocktails....

Emily, REALLY liking hers. *thumbs up*

There was even a fortune teller, no Mystic Meg crystal ball though (devo).  

Spotted a great dog bag.

Thanks you for having us Cosmo!! And well done to all the winners!! 

See you next week for some more of What We're Wearing!! 
HoH x

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