Monday, 3 December 2012

Our South Africa Trip!!

House of Holland have produced a collection of T's for Mr Price in South Africa in order to raise money and awareness for this AMAZING charity... The Red Cap Foundation.
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Henry got to visit St Christophers to check out 3 years of hard work. The charity has put in place a curriculum including everything from english lessons, science lessons, computer skills, physical education...they donate mobile libraries, sports kit, art boxes and work alongside the teachers to train and educate them also :-)

Fell in love with this bunch!!

Check out Henrys visit and see all the good work...there's some strong dance moves here too!!

The teachers that make it all happen.

What an art box can do...SO GOOD!!!

On best behaviour

Donating the mobile libraries and sports kit.

So you can see it all.

Surf Style!! 

In a spare couple of hours Henry (first time surfer) discovers he's a pro...he nails it, FIRST TIME!!!!
The wave was actually a lot was!!!

Henry on Henry!

And then there was the Sam. Actual security!!!

Meet the team Henry was working with..the fab Mr Price bunch and head of Red Cap Foundation 
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Was such a good trip! A real eye opener and we met some amazing people. 
Thanks to all!! 
HoH x

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