Thursday, 8 August 2013

Three Reasons Why Mr. Quiffy Is Visiting Spitalfields Market

There's been a slight change in our Mr.Quiffy Tour. We decided drive down to Spitalfields Market this week. Here's three reasons why Spitalfields Market is on our list of landmarks to visit!

1. Christ Church is considered to be the finest baroque church in the county and Nicolas Hawkesmoor’s masterpiece... and we thought since Mr. Quiffy is the finest Ice cream van in the world and Henry Holland's masterpiece- there was a clear connection. 

2. The Romans, who landed in the City in 43AD buried their dead outside the City gates – where the market now stands... Slightly creepy but there's a clear connection to the Romans and Mr. Quiffy: Rome/ Italy is where ice cream originates from!!

3. The architecture on the south side of Fashion Street is a Moorish design built in 1905 to be an arcade of retail shops and a closed market -Mr. Quiffy likes to be in fashionable environments.

If you spot the van, don't forget to take a pic and #mrquiffy 

HoH x

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