Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Lick Me!

Are the faces of our Mr Quiffy ice cream van lickers or biters? We catch up with Wylie Hayes and Reece Sanders behind the scenes of our photoshoot..

Favourite ice cream?
W- Chocolate chip
R- Screwball or Tesco choc ice

Worst ice cream?
W- Rum or pistachio
R - Pistachio, I don't like nuts in sweet food

Who would you like the eat ice cream with?
W- Bethany Hamilton
R- My Granddad

Are you a licker or a biter?
W- Spoon? Lick
R- Suck for as long as possible until I get impatient and bite

Who would drive your ice cream van?
 W- David Beckham
R- Johnny Vegas

What song would you play from your van?
W- The song that goes "banabambam", singing an ice cream van Jungle
R- Defiantly not the Wild Wild West song! Just the traditional ice cream tune

What would your van be called?
W- Loaine The Van

If you were an ice cream what would you be?
W- Rainbow strawberry because its the most colourful
R- Ice cream sandwich so you can lick my filling

Best cure for brain freeze?
W- Stick your thumb to the roof of your mouth
R- I've never had brain freeze!
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Check out our Super 8 footage film of the shoot!

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