Tuesday, 31 July 2012

HoH Nail Competition!

We have seen some amazing House of Holland inspired nail art and so we are hosting a competition for all you nail arty types! All you have to do is send a picture of your House of Holland inspired nails (can be inspired by any season) to emily@houseofholland.co.uk to be in with a chance of winning a catwalk look from our pastel punks SS12 catwalk collection!

So get sending as you could be the lucky winner of the lovely SS12 tartan pinafore and the blue lurex knit cardigan!

Good Luck!

HoH x

Friday, 27 July 2012

Getting in the Olympic spirit!

To commemorate the Olympics, House of Holland designed a special red white and blue take on our AW12 tennis dress and kick it leggings to sell exclusively at the brand new Opening Ceremony pop up store in Covent Garden. The shop is absolutely beautiful and full of goodies, if you haven't been in already, you really should! To get in the Olympic spirit, I borrowed the special edition HoH Olympic opening ceremony dress and leggings and took a trip to Olympic city. Naturally, there was some shameless posing and many snaps taken on our travels. This is what we got up to on the day of the Olympic opening ceremony...

 The HoH olympic collection on display in the Opening Ceremony Covent Garden store.

The goodies all wrapped up and ready to go.

 Of course, it was a rainy day in London on the day of the opening ceremony...

With the olympics comes lots of waiting for trains and buses...

 The stadium in all its glory!

Hope you all enjoy the opening ceremony last night, we certainly did!

Lots of love,

HoH x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Hunt the Holland

So it's Friday, Fridays are all about fun....Games are fun, right?
So it's time for another game of HUNT THE HOLLAND!! 
We've played this before, it's dead easy. Just spot the piece of House of Holland clothing....

Both 'hidden' pieces are AW13. They're pretty easy but it ISSSS Friday.......
HoH x 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Adam Reed interviews Henry...

On Monday evening, Henry and some of the HoH team headed down to an event organised by The Coterie and sponsored by BaByliss Pro where an audience gathered on comfy sofas in a casual interview between long time friends Henry and Adam Reed (of Percy & Reed salons). Free wine and canopies accompanied a lovely, intimate chat about House of Holland and it’s growth as a fashion house and brand. We took some snaps and noted down some memorable quotes to share with you...

A few items were pulled out of the archive to showcase how HoH has progressed. Pretty good line-up, wouldn't you say?

Henry and Adam posing for some shots before their chat.

Free wine and elderflower! Lovely.

                                             Adam spruced up Henry's hair before the chat.

Henry gave a recount of the short but sweet history of House of Holland, we sure you know we have come from humble beginnings but here's what Henry had to say about how HoH got started...

“there was this kind of ongoing conversation between me and my friends and I always used to buy silly t-shirts with things written on them about famous people and I was like ‘I could do that, we should do it with some English people’ ... So, I made two, one about Lindsay Lohan and one about Coleen and I was so excited I bought about 250 of each one and I was like “oh my god this is going to be amazing” and I think I sold about 6, in total. And they were featured in Heat magazine with my mobile phone number as the stockist contact. So that didn’t really go very well and then I was having lunch with a friend of mine Gareth Pugh and he was taking the mick out of me because I had this failed t-shirt business that was a bit of a joke at this point and I turned round and was like “oh, well maybe I’ll make a t-shirt with your name on it and maybe that’ll sell”. And... it did.”

“I was at this show [Gareth Pugh’s SS06 show - above]... and I was sat with all his flatmates and they were like “oh Gareth’s wearing your t-shirt today” and I said “you’re kidding!” and then for the entire show I was absolutely petrified that he was going to come out in it and I was really nervous and really scared, and he did. Then, that night I got a phone call from Giles Deacon’s stylist Katie Grand... and she asked if she could have one for Giles to wear the next day and it was that, sort of, instantaneous really”

“I was in a meeting with my editor at Bliss and I got a phone call of an unknown number and she was like ‘Oh, hi Henry it’s Sarah Mower from American Vogue, have you got a second?’ and I was like, in this meeting with my editor and I just sort of stood up and walked out. So yeah, she wrote a piece for style.com and then that fashion week I did some for different designers... In hindsight it was basically like a genius PR strategy, but it just... wasn’t... and I think that’s why it worked, because it didn’t seem contrived, it didn’t seem pre-planned, it was literally that organic”

It was nice to watch the video and have a little flashback to House of Holland AW07...

“the review from that show, from Sarah Mower, said ‘this is all very funny, it’s very clever, it’s a great idea, but, the joke will last 5 minutes unless Holland can think of something else.’ So then, this season (SS08) we did shoes, we did jewelry with Katie Hillier, we did bags with Stuart Vevers, we did swimwear, we did eye wear with Linda Farrow, we did dresses, we did denim, we did leather... So, I thought of something new. But that comment really spurred me on and I think that was a really pivotal moment for me”

Thanks to BaByliss Pro for our amazing goodie bags!

We had a great night at the intimate event. It was a truly lovely evening!

HoH x

Thursday, 12 July 2012

HoH on Trial: Day Four.

HoH HQ is a flurry with production at the moment. All our AW12 garments are trickling their way in to the office and our job as interns is to carefully inspect each garment to make sure it is in tip top shape before it makes its way in to your wardrobes. We scrupulously check every seam, hem and button. Today was very exciting as the much anticipated goat skin coats began to arrive. Me and our other intern David were given the task of giving the fur a good old brush down...

 I can safely say that nobody has ever brushed me before, but there's a first time for everything I suppose.

We absolutely LOVE the AW12 hats - they are amazing. David suits this one, don't you think?

While sorting through our archives, I came across one of my all time favourite pieces of HoH and was lucky enough to try it on!

Watch this space as our AW12 collection will be available very soon.

That's all 'til tomorrow,

Maggie x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

HoH on Trial: Day Three.

This week at House of Holland, we are putting our products through rigorous (sort of) tests of practicality. Today it was the turn of the House of Holland Superga's. Us HoH interns do a lot of picking up and dropping off at our London factories, so, on one of my journeys, I took a pair of our navy Polka Dot Flatforms out for a test drive...

 We teamed the flatforms with our limited edition polka dot t-shirt dress and a pair of Monobrow sunglasses.

 It’s no secret that Superga make amazingly comfortable shoes and, true to form, even after 4 bus journeys there and back and some walking and stair climbing in between, my feet were perfectly comfy. A fashionable shoe with all the comfort of a trainer - sounds too good to be true! I have my heart set on the mint green flatforms. Which one is your favourite? Shop the whole collection on our website, but hurry as they wont be around for long!

See you tomorrow!

Maggie x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

HoH on Trial: Day Two.

Today we put our gorgeous SS12 drop waist maxi dress to the test in a HoH housewife challenge. Many a cup of tea is sipped at House of Holland HQ and so quite a mountain of mugs piles up in the sink as the day goes on. “A silk dress to do the washing up!” I hear you gasp, but we really want to put these clothes through their paces! So I slipped in to the lovely leopard print maxi and ever so carefully tackled the mug mountain.

Well, I have to admit, I wouldn't recommend doing the dishes in a silk frock, there were a few near misses with spills and sploshes. But while the maxi isn't perfect attire for dish washing, it was light and floaty and would be perfect for a summers day or evening! As if it ain't lovely enough, it's on sale too. We're down to our last few sizes so snap one up here before they're gone!
Are the rubber gloves not quite up your street? You could swap 'em for our love gloves. They are exclusive to our website and you can get them here!

Tune in tomorrow!

Maggie x

Monday, 9 July 2012

HoH on Trial: Day One.

People often say “fashion is just crazy, impractical clothes that nobody ever wears”. Well, we at House of Holland, pride ourselves on our wearable collections. We decided to put this to the test and would like to introduce... House of Holland on Trial! As an intern at HoH, I do my fair share of running here and there, picking things up and dropping things off. So, we thought, what better way to put our clothes to the test than to have me put them on trial. And, I promise I will try my very best not to be biased...

Monday is always a busy day for website orders so after our team stuffed, sealed and stamped all the parcels, it was off to the post office for me to send you lot all your goodies. It doesn’t get much more wearable than denim, it was a little bit nippy and looked all set to rain so I donned our SS12 Green Bleached Denim Jacket and a pair of 80-20’s and headed off out...

Well, I have to say, the jacket was super comfortable but it also has a great slim shape - plus, it's always comforting to know that if you get too hot, you could just unzip and go sleeveless! (It's also sale here so get it before it goes!) The 80-20's were great because they have a lovely light rose tint which meant I could keep them on inside and look fab while I posted away.  

That's all for today but tune in tomorrow for some more House of Holland antics!

Maggie x