Friday, 27 July 2012

Getting in the Olympic spirit!

To commemorate the Olympics, House of Holland designed a special red white and blue take on our AW12 tennis dress and kick it leggings to sell exclusively at the brand new Opening Ceremony pop up store in Covent Garden. The shop is absolutely beautiful and full of goodies, if you haven't been in already, you really should! To get in the Olympic spirit, I borrowed the special edition HoH Olympic opening ceremony dress and leggings and took a trip to Olympic city. Naturally, there was some shameless posing and many snaps taken on our travels. This is what we got up to on the day of the Olympic opening ceremony...

 The HoH olympic collection on display in the Opening Ceremony Covent Garden store.

The goodies all wrapped up and ready to go.

 Of course, it was a rainy day in London on the day of the opening ceremony...

With the olympics comes lots of waiting for trains and buses...

 The stadium in all its glory!

Hope you all enjoy the opening ceremony last night, we certainly did!

Lots of love,

HoH x

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Anonymous said...

aha :)
love the outfit and the quirky pictures~!