Tuesday, 10 July 2012

HoH on Trial: Day Two.

Today we put our gorgeous SS12 drop waist maxi dress to the test in a HoH housewife challenge. Many a cup of tea is sipped at House of Holland HQ and so quite a mountain of mugs piles up in the sink as the day goes on. “A silk dress to do the washing up!” I hear you gasp, but we really want to put these clothes through their paces! So I slipped in to the lovely leopard print maxi and ever so carefully tackled the mug mountain.

Well, I have to admit, I wouldn't recommend doing the dishes in a silk frock, there were a few near misses with spills and sploshes. But while the maxi isn't perfect attire for dish washing, it was light and floaty and would be perfect for a summers day or evening! As if it ain't lovely enough, it's on sale too. We're down to our last few sizes so snap one up here before they're gone!
Are the rubber gloves not quite up your street? You could swap 'em for our love gloves. They are exclusive to our website and you can get them here!

Tune in tomorrow!

Maggie x

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