Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sophy Talks To HoH TV

Sophy Robson talks to House of Holland TV about Rave Nana nails and emerging trends.....

So that's NEON, LONG AND SQUARE. Got it. 
Thanks Sophy!!
HoH x

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


As you all know by now at show time we like to do a nail. 
Nails are a big part of the story so we thought we'd show you how to do your very own Rave Nana Nails, with the help of Sophy Robson.....
What you will need: 
1x White/Orange Nail Varnish.
1x Yellow Striper Brush.
1x Red Brown Nail Varnish.
1x Darkest Brown Striper Brush.
1x Clear Top Coat Nail Varnish. 

Step One: 
On a nail base paint fairly large connecting blobs using the white/orange nail varnish.

 Step 2: 
Using a yellow striper brush go over the original blobs leaving an outline of white. 

Step 3: 
Using the red brown, create small blobs within the white and yellow shapes. Use finger tip to very lightly diffuse and create a speckled effect.

Make little dots so most of the nail is covered.

Step 4: 
Finish using darkest brown and striper to make darker rounded blobs on top of reddish brown.

A quick top coat and you're finished!!

Send your tortoise nails to for a chance to win a tortoise iPhone case!!

May the best nails win!!
HoH x

Monday, 25 February 2013

H is for Henry

This weekend our pal Nicola #selfie'd wearing our H Cheerleader jumper!!


The very same jumper that Harley Viera Newton wore to our show last week

And was used in this cutsie shoot for Company Mag.
(The perfect jumper for ice cream eating in the park)  

Yerp, that one Lucy Hale wore on the Nylon cover not so long ago!!

So it's doing the rounds and we can see why!! It's one of our favurite pieces from the collection. 
So grab your PomPoms ladies, lift those hands up high and GIVE US AN H!!
HoH x

Thursday, 21 February 2013

House of Holland TV

Another season and another batch of interviews brought to you by House of Holland TV!!
Behind the scenes exclusives where you wont find nowhere else!!
First up we've got Henry Holland himself, s'all about ME!!

HoH x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


We're big fans of Cara!! The model of the moment, (claimed to be the new Kate Moss), So it was lovely to see her wearing a pair of our purple stripe jeans in between shimmying down the catwalk!! 
Cara is pretty expressive, so we'll let the images do the talking......

To get your hands on a pair of our Stripe Jeans CLICK HERE 
HoH x

You've seen the clothes

Now you need the soundtrack. 
Listen to the Rave Nana, Mark Moore mix, right HERE: 
Whistles at the ready!!

Track listing:
 S'Express - Overture/Theme From S'Express
E-Zee Possee & MC Kinky - Everything Starts With An E
Bassheads - Is There Anybody Out There
Marshall Jefferson - The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body)
Starlight - Numero Uno
Brothers In Rhythm - Such A Good Feeling
Royal House - Can You Party
Primal Scream - Come Together 
HoH x