Friday, 15 February 2013

Fashion Week Survival Guide!

It's that time of year! It feels like yesterday that we were preparing for the SS13 show and before you know it, here we are again, it's Fashion Week and all systems are go! We thought we'd give you our top 3 fashion week survival tips to get you through the week!

1 - Flats!

As we aptly demonstrated with our SS13 footwear, heels aren't required to look amazing! So, give your feet a treat when running from show to show with some flats.

2 - Stay Hydrated and Keep That Blood Sugar High!

We've definitely taken heed of this in the HoH office. We have a serious stash of water and sweets as you can see!

3 - A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine!

Picture this, you get your skirt caught in the door of a black cab and you hear a tear, or perhaps, in the midst of a fashion gaggle outside a show, you accidentally bump into a lit cigarette! But, never fear... carry a little sewing kit with you for any on the go repairs you may need to carry out on your outfit! Or, alternatively, make it a feature, go all out in true HoH SS09 style like this lovely lady...

 (Flashback Friday!)

So, there you have it! Some truly wise words for you straight from HoH Headquarters! Don't thank us, you're welcome.

Our show is TOMORROW! And don't forget you can stream it live from 7pm on our website!

See you then!

HoH x

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