Wednesday, 27 February 2013


As you all know by now at show time we like to do a nail. 
Nails are a big part of the story so we thought we'd show you how to do your very own Rave Nana Nails, with the help of Sophy Robson.....
What you will need: 
1x White/Orange Nail Varnish.
1x Yellow Striper Brush.
1x Red Brown Nail Varnish.
1x Darkest Brown Striper Brush.
1x Clear Top Coat Nail Varnish. 

Step One: 
On a nail base paint fairly large connecting blobs using the white/orange nail varnish.

 Step 2: 
Using a yellow striper brush go over the original blobs leaving an outline of white. 

Step 3: 
Using the red brown, create small blobs within the white and yellow shapes. Use finger tip to very lightly diffuse and create a speckled effect.

Make little dots so most of the nail is covered.

Step 4: 
Finish using darkest brown and striper to make darker rounded blobs on top of reddish brown.

A quick top coat and you're finished!!

Send your tortoise nails to for a chance to win a tortoise iPhone case!!

May the best nails win!!
HoH x

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